Highest Altitude

13,800 ft


7 Days


₹ 18,500/person


“Before you are too weak or too old, you must meet and merge with the beloved Himalayas.” – Sadhguru

The Himalayas, venerated as the abode of the Enlightened, have been a destination of great significance for spiritual seekers across the world. Sadhguru has always felt a deep connection with the Himalayas. As a way of offering the opportunity to soak in the energies of these enchanting mountains we organizes treks to Himalayas every year.

Kashmir Great Lakes is one of the most beautiful treks in India. No question. It validates Kashmir’s mythical status as heaven on earth.This is because the trek is set in a canvas that’s larger than life. It is situated 75 km northeast of Srinagar. Every day is a 360° panorama of wild, rugged mountains, rolling meadows, and turquoise alpine lakes.  And you get more than seven of these lakes and five very different valleys to explore!

Each day is postcard perfect, with a new alpine lake to look forward to. What makes these lakes even prettier are the snow patches that feed these lakes. You see them sliding off the serrated mountains into the lakes. Sometimes you’ll see milky white icebergs floating on the lake’s inky blue surface.And then there are meadows of Kashmir. These meadows come in every shape and size, sometimes many in a day.

Come be a part of this beautiful and enlightening journey with us 🙂


DAY 1 - 7800 FT
Arrive At Sonamarg
  • You will have to reach Srinagar on your own and meet the pick up team at 1.30 pm. The drive to the base camp will take around 3 hours( 90 kms).
  • Our campsite is near the Sindh river (Shitkadi Village).
  • The process of your registration, health screening, and document verification starts.
  • Since there are no shops around ensure that you have all that you need already.
  • Remember to carry your ID proof in original and 2 photo copies as we have to submit them at the army check post.
DAY 1 - 7800 FT
Day 2 -11,500 ft
Sonamarg To Nichnai Via Shekdur
  • We start the day with Hatha Yoga and sadhana early morning followed by breakfast.
  • After the breakfast we trek to Nichnai via Shekdur. 11 kms trek, approx 8 hours
  • The trail takes you through meadows, dense forests with Maple, Pine and Bhoj trees.
  • After approx half an hour, we get an army check post where we have to submit our ID proofs.
  • While you are at it, you can enjoy an awesome view of the Sonmarg Valley or the Thajiwas Glacier.
  • The trek from Shitkadi to Shekdur is goes through thick forests of pine trees and will take approx 2 and half hours.
  • We follow the Nichnai Stream as we trek from Shekdur to Nichnai.
  • We have lunch at the Nichnai stream, after Shekdur.
Day 2 -11,500 ft
Day 3 - 12,000 ft via 13100 ft
Nichnai To Vishnusar Lake. Explore Vishnusar & Kishansar Twin Lakes
  • We start the day with Hatha Yoga and sadhana early morning followed by breakfast.
  • 12 kms trek, approx 7 hours
  • Trek from Nichnai to Nichnai Pass is of approx 1 and half hours ascent.
  • From Nichnai pass to Vishansar there is a descent.
  • We can visit the Vishansar Lake which is just 15 minutes walk from the campsite
  • The first lake of the trek and one of the most beautiful ones. Here we sit by the lake and do Shambhavi Mahamudra together.
  • If the trek is in July, the lake will be frozen. Otherwise, we can do fishing at the lake with permission from Srinagar Fishing Department.
  • Vishansar is visited by hoards of sheep and their shepherds are known for interesting stories.
Day 3 - 12,000 ft via 13100 ft
Day 4 - 12,500 ft via 13800 ft
Vishnusar To Gadsar Via Kishansar Lake And Gadsar Pass
  • Today we start the day earlier than usual.We finish our Hatha Yoga and sadhana and proceed for the trek. 14 kms trek, approx 10 hours
  • The trail passes from Vishansar to Gadsar, via Gadsar pass the highest point of the trek.
  • From Vishansar, the trail takes a steep ascent till Gadsar Pass.
  • We can see the Kishansar Lake on the way.
  • From the Gadsar pass till the camp site, we descend gradually.
  • We can spot the Gadsar lake en route.
  • You might also spot the Glacier of Gadsar Lake.
Day 4 - 12,500 ft via 13800 ft
Day 5 - 12,000 ft
Gadsar To Satsar
  • We start the day with Hatha Yoga and sadhana early morning followed by breakfast.
  • 9 kms trek, approx 6 hours trek
  • Mid July to mid August, the trail is laden in vibrant flowers.
  • We need to share our IDs at another army check post en route. .
  • Ten minutes out of the army camp is the first of the Satsar lakes.
  • The lake is pretty big and looks picturesque in its green setting with mountains in front.
  • Satsar twin lakes are also known as Mengen top.
Day 5 - 12,000 ft
Day 6 - 11,500 ft
Satsar To Gangabal Twin Lakes Via Zaj Pass
  • We start the day with Hatha Yoga and sadhana early morning followed by breakfast.
  • 11 kms trek, approx 6 hours
  • We walk on rocky paths for approx an hour and ascend till Zaj Pass.
  • At the pass, you can enjoy views of the 2 lakes, Mt. Harmukh and its glacier.
  • From the pass we descend till the Gangbal lake and camp at Nandkol lake.
  • We visit the Gangbal Lake, which is one of the largest lakes in the trek.
  • Post dinner, a team of Kashmiri staff will perform their traditional songs and dance.
Day 6 - 11,500 ft
Day 7 - 7,450 ft
Gangabal To Naranag And Drive To Srinagar
  • 15 kms trek, approx 7 hours
  • The trail is a descent till the last point of the trek – Naranag, so take care of your knees and ankles.
  • The trail will pass through pine tree forests.
  • Our transport to Srinagar will be waiting for us.
  • After the 70 kms drive, you will reach Srinagar by 6:30 pm.
Day 7 - 7,450 ft
Day 8
Buffer Day
  • For all your travel plans include a buffer day to accommodate bad weather on the trek/political instability. This depends completely on the circumstances on the trek and situation in Kashmir.
  • If the buffer day is used,  you have to pay us Rs. 1,800 per day (INR) The money will be collected by the Trek Leader only if we use the buffer day.
Day 8


  1. Accommodation – Stay is included from Day 1 to Day 7 (Sonamarg to Gangabal). You will be staying  camping on all days of the trek (3 per tent).
  2. Meals – All meals from dinner at Sonamarg on Day 1 to lunch at Naranag on Day 7 are included. We provide simple, nutritious vegetarian food on all days of the trek.
  3. Camping charges – All trekking permits and forest camping charges are included.
  4. Trekking equipment – You will stay in high quality tents and sleeping bags in all the camps. Our high altitude sleeping bags can withstand temperatures as low as -10 ºC. We provide ice axes, roped, micro spikes, gaiters etc. as required.
  5. Safety equipment – First aid, medical kit, oxygen cylinders, stretchers etc. will be available at all campsites to deal with emergencies.


  1. Food during transit to and from the base camp – The trek fee does not include meals purchased during the journey to Sonamarg and return from Naranag.
  2. Backpack offloading charges – If you wish to offload your backpack, there will be an additional charge of Rs. 2500. The backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kg. Suitcases/strolleys/duffel bags will not be allowed. Please note that charges will vary for last minute offloading in case you decide to offload your bag after reaching Sonamarg 
  3. Buffer Day – If the buffer day is used,  you have to pay us Rs. 1,800 per day (INR). The money will be collected by the Trek Leader only if we use the buffer day.
  4. Stay at Srinagar on the last day 
  5. Personal expenses of any kind
  6. Anything apart from inclusions

Trek Leader

Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher and a passionate traveler. For the last 5 years he has been leading treks in the Himalayan ranges and have had the opportunity to lead over 1,000 people from various countries. He’s a Certified Mountaineer and a Wilderness First Responder. He has extensively backpacked and traveled across the length and breadth of India a number of times. His passion for backpacking has also led him across countries like Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bali, and Nepal.
Nikhil Bhauwala


  1. There are often uncertainties when it comes to trekking in Kashmir. If you’re planning any trek in Kashmir, ensure you book flexible flight tickets, that allow you to reschedule your flight at no added costs. These are easily available with most airlines.

  2. Prepaid sim cards do not work in Kashmir.

  3. We require a minimum of 8 members to confirm the event
  4. Ensure you carry ID proof in original and 2 photo copies.

  5. Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants and smoking would not be tolerated during the entire course of  the trek.
  6. We will pick you up from  Srinagar (exact meeting point will be communicated after booking) at 1.00 pm. The process of your registration, health screening, and document verification starts at 4 pm once we reach base camp in Shitkadi.

  7. The government is made it mandatory for RT-PCR Negative Certificate. You are exempted only if you’ve had two doses of vaccine.
  8. The price is including GST.